She wore slippers when she fly first class for the first time. You do you babe :)!
She wore slippers when she fly first class for the first time. You do you babe :)!

It is not rare to come across a person (especially a woman) who might have an affinity for clothes. Although Brittany didn’t have a huge wardrobe, she had a diverse one and could appreciate the comfortable sweatpants, as well as the formal dress. But if I had to choose the one clothing item that she might have had a little obsession with, it would have to be the slipper. She had sooo many. Way more than any person needs. This story talks about some fun times that happened from all the slippers. 

Sometimes the cutest things, have the biggest surprises.

Yup… third post in and I am already talking about cat poop. But this one is a doozy. When we first got our loving (and big boned) cat Harley, he was an outdoor cat and I am quite certain he had a very interesting diet. Right after he moved in with us (like same day), Brittany left the two boys to bond, while she went to Disneyland (again). I know that I can exaggerate things time-to-time, but the smell that cat made while using his litterbox, was unreal. When I told B on the phone of Harley’s little surprises, she didn’t believe me it could be that bad. Oh just wait…

I would get LOTS of eye rolls through the years and very rarely one of these fingers… I would have to earn it. And I know with this topic, she would totally be okay with me using this photo.

It was amazing that Brittany never, ever snored. At least I learned that is what I am supposed to say… the hard way. And it turns out that she took quite a bit of effort to remind me that I snore. 

Somewhere on the beach of life

Choose Your Own Adventure…

You can either read below on what a memorycast is… OR you can listen to a memorycast telling you what a memorycast is. So meta. And I actually put quite a bit more detail into my memorycast on memorycasts, so it would be worth the time. Click the play button below: 

What is a Memorycast?

Podcast + preserving memories = memorycast. Here I will share some of my memories with Brittany. This will be a way for me to preserve my memories with her, while sharing them with others. This will hopefully be therapeutic for me and interesting for you to know things about her you might not have known.

As you will see, they are not recorded in a high quality booth and I am not aiming for professional quality. I record them on my iPhone, sometimes in the middle of the night, others with noise in the background. These memories and feelings are caught, mostly in the “wild” as they happen. 

The stories are not shared in any particular order, just as I remember them. And there will be no updating schedule — likely when I have a few more recorded, I will update the site. If you want to be notified when new content is posted, then sign up for the newsletter

Be Cautious, But Challenge Yourself

Some stories will be happy. Some will be sad. I will do my best to give you a heads up on the material  that might be more emotional, but one memory that I think might be funny and harmless, could be a “trigger” for someone else. That is okay. Obviously I am not a counselor, but I have picked up a thing or two since Brittany passed. It is okay to be sad, it is okay to cry, it is okay to be angry. Heck it is okay to feel however the heck you feel. It is actually healthier to let your emotions out, since bottling things up will only cause things to be worse. Be careful with your emotions, but don’t be too scared to listen to a memorycast because it might bring up too many emotions. 

Can I Share My Memories on the Site?

Hopefully in the future. My concept would be allow those closest to her to share their memories (either as voice recordings, writing, or even video). My goal is this to become a sort of an online memory archive for Brittany. For now, you are more than welcome to share your memories in the comments and keep a list of memories you might want to share on the site in the future. 

Who are You David?

I was Brittany’s husband and was there on her side from the day she was diagnosed on December 13, 2019 to the moment she passed away at 5:50pm July 10, 2021. And unfortunately the majority of the memories I still see and “deal with” are memories that fall between those dates. Although they are hard memories and I do not want to lose all of them, I also want to encourage more of the positive ones to the forefront of my brain.

Dude, Did Anyone Edit This Stuff?

Nope. I could say that I want to do little to no editing to keep the thoughts and feelings genuine, but really it is more about not wanting to edit (aka I am lazy). No editing the sound files and little editing of the grammar.  #sorrynotsorry #dealwithit (that said, if you find a bigger mistake, let me know)

Okay, I am Ready to Go!

If you have not found them already, all the memorycasts can be found on this page, with the most recent on top.