I thought the furniture would be well stacked above the cab of the truck. She did an amazing job.

We needed to move a full dining room set (table, hutch, six chairs where two of them had arms) across the country from Florida to our home in Washington. I wanted the trip to be a little adventure for us, so it was important that we used a regular truck so we could go explore and not be in a UHaul. She asked me when I was prepping if I thought everything could fit and I confidently say “yes,” but I really wasn’t sure. When I looked at the Chevy Silverado in my dad’s driveway and all the furniture that was supposed to not just fit in it, but also be safe for 3000+ miles, I was having second guesses. Being the “men” my dad and I felt we should do the packing, but we quickly realized that we were not the packing pro… Brittany was!

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