Nothing says Christmas like a Lego airline play set under the tree.

Christmas was a big deal to Brittany. So much so that one of her biggest reasons she wanted to buy our house was it had a big window in the front to be able to show off the Christmas tree (that we would later buy and wasn’t cheap). I am not like a huge fan of Christmas, but not against it either. One thing I am not a huge fan of is decorating the tree. You have to be careful getting all the tiny ordainments out of their boxes and carefully place them on the tree so that they are evenly spaced. These are skills I am not good at, nor do I want to be good at. I soon found that Brittany would take advantage of me not wanting to do the ordainments (either consciously or subconsciously). But in the end (and something I didn’t mention in the memorycast), I think I did alright. If you look at the photo, not only can you see a Lego train going around the tree (which I negotiated that I could buy, if she bought the fancy tree), but I snuck under a bunch of other Legos and she let me keep them there. 

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